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“It was October, 2011,” says Doug Ferner, owner of the popular, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)/Circuit Training fitness facility in Rochester Hills, MI – HIIT Quarters. “Unbeknownst to me at the time, that’s when the seed for HIIT Quarters was planted.”

“I was 21 years old and had just been diagnosed with ulcerate colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease considered both autoimmune and incurable. A lifelong competitive athlete, how could I be sick? I thought. Perhaps even more vexing was my doctor’s insistence that there was no known cause of UC, that I simply drew the digestive tract short straw as it were.”

Told he’d be on prescription medication for the rest of his life, Ferner was left unsatisfied. “I was 21 years old,” says Ferner. The thought of relying on an assortment of pharmaceutical pills for the next 70 or 80 years, just to feel ‘normal,’ drove me crazy. So, I took to the world wide web and began researching natural remedies for my condition.”
“It took me 10 minutes to find numerous articles addressing UC and natural ways to go about controlling symptoms. Avoid gluten? No more dairy? Sugar does what?! I must’ve read 100 different articles across 20 different websites that night and concluded that adopting a “clean” lifestyle, one free of pro-inflammatory foods and toxins would be necessary to take back control of my own health. So, that’s what I did.”

That night, Ferner eliminated gluten and dairy from his diet.

“It wasn’t even a week after I stopped eating gluten and dairy that I was back to feeling like myself. I couldn’t believe it. That’s what really served as the catalyst for my headfirst dive into the natural health and wellness world. I always say that being diagnosed with UC was a blessing because it forced me to take my health into my own hands and figure it out.”

And, today, Ferner has made it his mission to share his story with others and introduce them to, perhaps, another approach when it comes to achieving sustainable health.

“That’s what inspired me to open Live Clean Nutrition,” says Ferner. But, just as a clean diet and proper supplementation are key to achieving optimal health so, too, is exercising the RIGHT way! And that’s why I’ve started HIIT Quarters, a HIIT/Circuit-Based gym that is unlike anything else out there.”

Based on the high intensity interval training/circuit training model, HIIT Quarters enables its members to train like athletes and condition themselves from the inside out. Proven to add lean muscle, shed fat, and boost metabolism, HIIT/circuit training also improves hormonal balance, gut health, heart health, blood pressure, and more.

“In order to look the way you want to look and feel the way you want to feel, you’ve got to be healthy first,” says Ferner. “Do that, and the aesthetics are sure to follow.”

Now 28, Ferner is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition coach and continues to share his message of sustainable health through a clean diet, proper supplementation, and the right types of exercise.

Says Ferner, “There are some really great gyms and fitness studios out there, but there’s nothing quite like HIIT Quarters. We’re the first of our kind and the response has been incredible. I encourage anyone and everyone to stop by today to see what makes HQ so special and why so many people are calling HIIT Quarters their second home!”

Doug Ferner is a former NCAA Division 1 Men’s soccer player and played at both Duke University and Loyola University Chicago. He was a three-time NSCAA High-School All-America selection and a two-time Parade All-American. Doug was a member of the Youth and Men’s United States National Soccer Team from ages 13-18 and represented his country both domestically and internationally multiple times. Coming out of high school, Doug was ranked the #1 defensive prospect, and #4 player overall, in the 2007 recruiting class by ESPN’s Rise Magazine. Doug is a Bloomfield Hills Lahser High School alumnus and resides in Rochester Hills, MI.


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